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Meet Author David DeLong
  • Celebrated keynote speaker and consultant who helps leaders solve tough problems created by the aging and changing workforce
  • Helps organizations reduce the costs of critical knowledge loss, accelerate leadership development, and improve knowledge transfer across generations
  • Author of the widely-praised book Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce
  • Research Fellow at the M.I.T. AgeLab
  • For more information on David’s services and to access his latest research visit
Meet Author Steve Trautman
  • Pioneer in knowledge transfer with gold-standard solutions used by companies ranging from Microsoft to Boeing, Nike and Zynga
  • Provider of the Knowledge Silo Matrix for methodically assessing and mitigating executives’ talent management risks
  • Author of Teach What You Know: A Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring
  • High-energy, funny, and entertaining speaker—with ideas that counter the common trend
  • For more information on Steve’s services and a free talent management risk assessment using the Knowledge Silo Matrix, go to

Praise for ...

The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

For CEOs like me in a fast growing business, managing talent and developing leaders is one of the greatest challenges we face. Yet, we often have no formal training in this area, so what we do is pretty ad hoc and intuitive. DeLong & Trautman have attacked this issue in a manner that is systemic, grounded, insightful, and incredibly helpful for a CEO like me and for our entire senior management team.
     Peter Metcalf,
     CEO/President, Black Diamond Equipment

Two early quotes by co-authors David DeLong and Steve Trautman set the tone for this extremely detailed, comprehensive and informative book....The writing style is targeted for senior executives; however, readers from diverse backgrounds will also benefit. ...Regardless of which side of the hiring reside, this book will become a valuable, common-sense tool for preparation and future reference.  

    Steve Amoia,

    Amazon Review,

5 Stars

The authors are already established experts on implementing solutions to accelerate the development and retention of a changing workforce. This book shows leaders how to compete and win at the increasingly high-stakes game of talent management.
     Joseph W. Wilczek
     CEO, Franciscan Health System


Globalization, an aging workforce, and a lack of bench strength make building future capabilities in today’s knowledge-intensive companies a tremendous challenge. No one-size-fits-all approach to talent management will do the trick. This book gives leaders a practical guide for developing new workforce and leadership capabilities that can be adapted to any culture.
     Steve Goers, VP Open Innovation, Knowledge Management, Kraft Foods


Like most businesses, Aon Corporation must always look for ways to get better at developing tomorrow’s leaders. With great examples from both large and small companies, DeLong and Trautman show how time-starved executives can have an immediate and lasting impact on their talent pipeline.
     Adam Stanley
     Chief Technology Officer, Aon Corporation


Whether you’re leading a talent-rich company or one struggling to reinvent its skilled workforce and leadership pipeline, this book is full of great insights that will make you a more effective leader today.
     Hy Pomerance
     Chief Talent Officer, New York Life


Most executives I know are far more comfortable running the financial or operational or product sides of their business. DeLong & Trautman do an excellent job clarifying every leader's real role in developing talent to grow their business.
    John Rex
    CFO Microsoft North America


The authors' practical approaches to prioritizing risk, identifying creative solutions, and monitoring the implementation of talent initiatives can help you maximize the payoff off these investments.
     Annmarie Neal
     VP Cisco Center for Collaborative Leadership


No executive is riding in on a white horse to solve critical talent issues today. Leaders must learn to collaborate with employees to create an environment that drives performance improvement. High-Impact Talent Management gives executives the essential tools needed to maximize the development of their future workforce.
     Van Wardlaw
     Executive Vice President, Tennessee Valley Authority


Few leaders doubt the dramatic impact we will experience with the massive changes in workforce demographics.  This book shows HR leaders how to create a more effective dialogue with their line executives to implement talent strategies that truly improve business performance.
     Dave Hemmer
     President, Career Partners International


This book gets past the human resources jargon that often numbs leaders into inaction. DeLong and Trautman give tools to both line executives and HR that show how to collaborate better to get real traction on critical talent problems.
     Larry Fagerhaug
     VP of Organizational Dev., Community Medical Center

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