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Meet Author David DeLong
  • Celebrated keynote speaker and consultant who helps leaders solve tough problems created by the aging and changing workforce
  • Helps organizations reduce the costs of critical knowledge loss, accelerate leadership development, and improve knowledge transfer across generations
  • Author of the widely-praised book Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce
  • Research Fellow at the M.I.T. AgeLab
  • For more information on David’s services and to access his latest research visit
Meet Author Steve Trautman
  • Pioneer in knowledge transfer with gold-standard solutions used by companies ranging from Microsoft to Boeing, Nike and Zynga
  • Provider of the Knowledge Silo Matrix for methodically assessing and mitigating executives’ talent management risks
  • Author of Teach What You Know: A Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring
  • High-energy, funny, and entertaining speaker—with ideas that counter the common trend
  • For more information on Steve’s services and a free talent management risk assessment using the Knowledge Silo Matrix, go to

The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

The concept of “talent management” may have become commonplace in human resource circles, but a lot of leaders outside of HR have a nagging feeling their organization still isn’t getting their money’s worth from these investments. Executives recognize the challenges with recruiting, developing and retaining top talent.  They know that boomers are retiring and that younger workers must be onboarded efficiently.  They also know that critical shortages exist for key positions in energy, healthcare, engineering, aerospace and government. But senior executives often don’t know what to do about these challenges. Increasingly, business leaders are wondering: Do we have who it takes to achieve our corporate goals in the future?

In The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management, David DeLong and Steve Trautman show leaders how to not only reduce the risks of talent shortages among their most productive, important employees but also maximize the payoff of workforce and leadership development investments.

The Benefits of The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

Based on real-world expertise and more than 70 interviews with senior executives and top-rated talent management experts from innovative organizations such as Cisco, New York Life, P&G, Pfizer, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Kraft Foods, DeLong and Trautman show you how to:

  • Assess the talent management IQ of your leadership team
  • Accurately diagnose talent-related risks that threaten performance
  • Ensure your staff is implementing talent processes to drive business strategy
  • Evaluate and measure workforce and leadership investments
  • Cut turnover and time-to-productivity for new hires
  • Accelerate leadership development and the transfer of critical knowledge
  • Communicate cultural principles that will drive recruiting, development, and retention programs

Most Useful For

  • Senior leaders who want to know the practical steps they can take today to improve the impact of their talent management practices, programs, & processes.
  • Human resource managers who need useful tools and frameworks to collaborate more effectively with line executives on talent management issues.
  • Middle managers challenged with solving talent management issues for their immediate team, while also preparing for positions in senior leadership.

The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management helps you take concrete steps that will ensure a ready workforce and leadership team. It shows time-starved executives how to translate their beliefs in the importance of investing in people into concrete actions that will improve business performance today!

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